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Sabrina Tamersit, Kamel -Eddine Bouhidel, Zakaria Zidani


2. Integrated diffusion dialysis precipitation – Cementation for selective recovery of leaching chemicals and metal values from electroplating sludge, Available online 24 February 2018

Chahrazad Amrane, Kamel-Eddine Bouhidel


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Sawsen Bourezzane, Hamada Haba, Christophe Long, Mohammed Benkhaled*.


4.  New cycloartane-type ester triterpenes from Euphorbia pterococca and biological evaluation. Fitoterapia 2018 (accepté le 24/02/2018, publié en ligne 07/03/2018).
Imane Benabdelaziz*, Santiago Gómez-Ruiz, Mohammed Benkhaled, Sandra Carralero, Patricia Schenker, Andrea Salm, Jürg Gertsch, Hamada Haba**.